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  Amy's Home
  ISBN: 976-0-9829376-3-1
  Format: E-Book
  349 pages
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How well do we know our parents, and what do we really know about their lives before we were born. What dark secrets lie buried in their distant past or remain tucked away in the deeper recesses of their mind. These are the very questions that John Allan found himself asking when he returned home to America, after spending many years abroad in England, to attend the funeral of his father and to care for his mentally ill mother.

The mystery began almost immediately as John and his wife drove in from the airport. Just before arriving at his his parent's house, a little dark haired girl ran out into the street, directly in front of their car.  They only missed hitting her by inches. Curiously, over the course of the next few days, John and his wife kept seeing the child, until it became obvious to both of them that she was the spirit of a little girl from the neighborhood who had died tragically in an accident at seven years old.

It also became obvious that John's mother held some mysterious clue to the accident inside the tangled web of her confused mind, and that clue had something to do with their family.

"We are all responsible for the truths we leave behind,"  John's mother said. But the truth that John Allan would discover would lead him down a path of lies, deception, and murder, before it was finally revealed, and the spirit of a little dark haired girl named Amy would be his guide along the way.

  Format: E-Book
  336 pages
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Paul Sneed has a secret, a deep dark secret that he has kept hidden for thirty years. On a warm night in 1970, in a quiet little harbor town on the Chesapeake Bay called Shady Grove, Paul took the life of an attractive young woman named Rachel Damon in a heartless and violent act of unrequited love. And the worse part is. he got away with it.

But a suspicious town, and an unrelenting Sheriff, who was bent on proving Paul's guilt, forced him to leave Shady Grove. Now, thirty years later, Paul has come back to his hometown, hoping that enough time has passed for the people of that community to have forgotten about him and his dubious past.

But there is one person who will never forget, and she's back too! The spirit of Rachel Damon has been waiting thirty years to have her revenge, and her devious plan of retribution is the catalyst for a series of gruesome murders, all tied up in a tangled web of mystery, lies, and deceit.

   ISBN: 978-0-9829376-1-7      
   Format: E-Book
   295 pages
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Not many people remember Amberville now, though it was once a thriving  farm community. The town, located on Maryland's eastern shore, no longer exists, at least not on any maps. However, some people believe that it's still there, though you can't get within five miles of it now from any direction.  They say that all of the roads leading into the town have been dug up and covered over, and the newer roads have been designed to go around the town so it can't be seen from the highway.

The reason for this strange deception lies with the Army, who cordoned off the area in 1964 for what they said were national security reasons -top secret matters - no civilian access. Why would they do that, you ask?That's the question they have never answered, nor have they ever explained what happened to the people of that town, who all disappeared without a trace. Something happened in Amberville in the summer of 1964, something horrible, something so terrible that the Army has kept it hidden from the public for decades. 

  The Ashton Witch
  ISBN:  978-0-9829376-0-9
  Format: E-Book
  298 pages
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All towns have legends, and all legends have a basis in truth, a fact that Robert and Emily Nicholas soon discovered when they arrived in Ashton to investigate the disappearance of Emily's grandfather. The look of suspicion and fear they received from the townspeople was immediately evident.

In addition, from the moment that Emily arrived at her grandfather's house, she began to sense a presence there, and evil presence that hinted of something unspeakably horrible, which led her to suspect that he had fallen victim to foul play. The details surrounding those odd events were revealed to her after an innocent visit to the town museum, where she discovered that the house used to belong to a woman suspected of being a murderous witch  who dabbled in black magic.

After further investigation, and a ritualistic type murder of a stranger  on her grandfather's property, which the local police tried to blame on Emily, she began to realize that Ashton wasn't all that it seemed. The entire town still believed that the spirit of the witch haunted the property. And now, with another murder on the property, they began to suspect that Emily was connected to the legend somehow.    

It's hard to know who to trust when everyone you meet is a stranger. but Emily stood determined to discover why the people of Ashton seemed so afraid of her, and if the legend of the Ashton witch had anything to do with her father's disappearance. Her search for the truth would lead her into a nightmarish situation from which there was no escape, and the discovery of  an on-going battle between good and evil that had been raging in Ashton for a hundred years.
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